Get quick answers with iRock integrated digital core analysis and data solutions

Robust, proprietary iRock algorithms ensure fast and efficient computing and high-quality results from whole cores, plugs, sidewall cores, rock fragments and drill cuttings.

Petrophysical parameters and fluid flow properties derived from iRock digital core analysis within days enable geologists and reservoir engineers to make faster and better drilling, completion and production decisions. Results can be used alone or combined with existing data. iRock also offers traditional lab analysis from our team of in-house experts.

Using state-of-the-art FIB-SEM analysis, iRock can help you understand the organic matter distribution, and we can extract the pore network with our proprietary algorithms.

Gain deeper insights

Let iRock upgrade your SCAL experiments and EOR studies with our advanced digital solutions that drive better reservoir decisions.

iRock can also image fluids within the pore space on aged reservoir samples to determine the distribution-of-contact angle. Unique to iRock, this service provides a crucial input into pore-scale models of multiphase flow.

Multiphase flow through the pore system can be simulated with iRock’s digital rock SCAL.

iRock can show the dynamics of water invasion and trapping, which we predict pore by pore in our models. (video courtesy of our research group at Imperial College, London, Singh et al., 2017)

Target the sweet spot in unconventional reservoir rock

iRock’s solutions enable your team to characterize the pore structure and mineral distribution of unconventional reservoir rock—keys to identifying the geological and engineering sweet spots.

Elements of pore structure and mineral distribution identify sweet spots:

  • 3D pore structure analysis
  • Quantitative study of different pore types
  • Fracture analysis
  • Derivation of rock mechanical parameters
  • Evaluation of reservoir brittleness

These samples show the pore structure of shale rock with a graphical analysis of the organic matter distribution.

Not only can the structure and distribution be defined, but also the pore types may be classified as well as quantified.

Organize your digital core repository at a highly advanced, accessible level

iRock offers permanent, state-of-the-art preservation and storage of your rock cores through digitization, taking advantage of artificial intelligence and big data technology.

iRock’s digital core repository preserves valuable rock cores for future analysis and interpretation to enhance oil recovery.