iRock Technologies . . . Offers digital core analysis for the oil and gas industry Partners with key oil and gas companies to improve reservoir characterization Provides deep expertise and decades of combined experience

iRock Technologies offers digital core analysis services integrated with physical laboratory measurements and software for the oil and gas industry. Our goal is to help our clients enhance recovery in conventional and unconventional reservoirs by improving petrophysical parameter and fluid flow property predictions.

Using industry-standard analytical tools and proprietary “RockDNA” pore network modeling technology, iRock provides reservoir characterization answers that improve project efficiency and data accuracy to help geoscientists and engineers reduce field development uncertainties and risks. We don’t just image rocks; we predict the primary drainage capillary pressure, the relative permeabilities of oil, gas and water, as well as mechanical, elastic and electrical properties. We also can help visualize displacement processes and interpret the results to aid in improved design of hydrocarbon recovery.

iRock’s pore-scale modelling technology has been developed through university and industry collaboration since 1999 and used successfully in unconventional oil and gas plays, and conventional carbonate as well as clastic reservoirs.

Our 3D digital core analysis, imaging and rock physics computation methodologies have been validated by hundreds of projects worldwide and presented in scientific journals. iRock has partnered with key oil and gas companies to champion the application of digital core analysis techniques to improve reservoir characterization, including the development of a cloud-based digital rock repository and deep AI learning in core analysis applications.

Founded in 2010, iRock Technologies is headquartered in Beijing with branches in the Middle East.